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“It’s the human capital of a company that drives the intellectual capital, ultimately creating business success.”

Amit Kapoor

Founder & Managing Director
About Us

Our Legacy

Founded in 2004 by Amit Kapoor, Elements HR Services is one of the leading HR Firms in India. Over the last two decades, we have acted as a reliable HR partner to 100+ multinationals and mid-level enterprises in fulfilling their hiring needs and as a trusted consultant for professionals aspiring to become game changers in their chosen industries. We believe in Connecting the Right Talent with the Right Opportunity as our greatest value.

We understand the intricacies of Human Resource Management thus bringing a unique approach to recruitment at senior and middle management levels. We are constantly dedicated to bridge the gap between the requirements in various organizations and the career aspirations of individuals while adhering to the quality specifications and time management.

EHRS helps various Fortune 500 companies in filling their talent pool, ensuring that they rise to their potential and maintain their level of expertise with clients across the globe (India, Singapore, UK, USA, UAE, Saudi Arabia) and continues to expand its horizons to different geographies. Over the last two decades, we have helped shape the careers of more than 1M Professionals across industries and domains.

We have offices in UK, The USA and India – New Delhi, Gurgaon with more than 100 HR Consultants working with us with an expertise in leading Indian and international companies and operate within domain-specialist teams spread across the globe, providing customized talent solutions across 25 industry practices.

The future of work is a combination of relationships we share with clients and the aspirations that bind us all, with each of us striving for improvement, optimization, and value creation.

Elements HR Services

Our Values

Client Relationship

We value our clients, understand their business, and pledge our commitment to contribute to their success and satisfaction.


Our Company thrives on the power of teamwork. We believe that a team is similar to a tree that needs nourishment from time to time to grow stronger and produce productive results.


We value the unique combination of qualities and contributions that each individual brings to the workplace regardless of their gender, race or ethnicity.

Our Community

Everyone at Elements has a story and each story helps define our culture making it a unique place to work and build relationships.

A Will To Win

We exhibit a strong will to win over the global market by focussing on constant learning and self improvement with unconventional approach.

The Genesis

The Elemental Journey

  1. Started as an HR and recruitment startup with a base office in Delhi. Founded by Amit Kapoor, initially with a team of 4-5 employees.
  2. EHRS grows beyond its initial services to introduce specialization in core areas of Banking and Financial Services.
  3. Expansion being the heart of the company, EHRS partners with 20+ global organizations-readily adapting to the market scene and creating a strong presence in businesses and corporates across industries.
  4. Rapid diversification sprouted out to expand its niche from associate hiring to managing talent acquisition in leadership roles and executive profiles.
  5. Onset of technology brought fresh perspective and pace to business, optimizing it to meet the digital innovations of time.
  6. EHRS started catering to global clientele and industries including IT, Govt. Sector, Consulting and Edutech. Inauguration of a new office in UK, setting the service hub in London.
  7. EHRS expands to a global market inclusive of Fortune 500 companies recognized by Times of India. Also listed as one of The Emerging IT Enterprises in India by The CEO Magazine.
  8. EHRS hit milestone as one of the Top 10 HR Firms in the country; EHRS launched two-in house projects- “SignOn” and “HerColleagues”
  9. EHRS launches a digital knowledge sharing and storytelling platform “WAHStory” honoring leaders across the globe for their contribution as Game Changers
  10. Today, a team of 100+ qualified HR consultants work with EHRS, spanning services globally with an outreached network of global leaders, executives and mentors.

The Pillars Behind Your HR Solutions

Amit Kapoor

Managing Director

Neha Sahni

Senior Manager

Sakshi Nagpal

Account Manager

Kuldeep Tehlan

Facility and Procurement Head

Akshay Bhatia

Project Manager - Branding & Marketing

Jasmine Jagdev

Lead – Human Resources
Our Excellence

Awards And Recognition

Silver Recruitment Partner

  • Year:2006
  • Award by:Convergys

Highest Contributor of the Year

  • Year:2009
  • Award by:Barclays

Lead Contributor

  • Year:2005
  • Award by:EXL

Highest Contributor

  • Year:2011
  • Award by:EXL

Highest Contributor of the Year

  • Year:2016
  • Award by:Resource Solutions | Barclays

Highest Contributor of the Year

  • Year:2009
  • Award by:Bank of America

Significant Contributor

  • Year:2010
  • Award by:Barclays

Significant Contributor

  • Year:2010
  • Award by:Barclays

Excellence through people.